Nano Sealers are zero or low VOC, biodegradable, and follow EPA approved guidelines for green chemistry.

COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer

COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer is a clear, water-based, invisible, breathable sealer designed to protect pours stones, concrete, masonry products, unmodified grout, unglazed tile, stucco, concrete roofing tiles, and much more from the destructive forces of weather & moisture.

COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer provides a long lasting breathable UV resistant surface that is repellant to water, mold, airborne dust and dirt, efflorescence, alkali, freeze/ thaw conditions.

COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer can be applied in both exterior and interior applications (not for use on flexible surfaces such as fabric and textiles).

COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer MSDS
COVAL Multi-Purpose Sealer DATA SHEET

COVAL Polished Surface Sealer

COVAL Polished Surface Sealer is a clear, breathable, water- borne sealer designed for use on interior or exterior polished natural stone surfaces, including granite, marble, onyx, quartzite, limestone, travertine and serpentine.

Polished Surface Sealer is a long lasting barrier that provides superior resistance to water and stains.

COVAL Polished Surface Sealer does not protect against acid-etching on calcium based stones.

See Stone Coat Data Sheet for protection against acid etching and staining on marble, limestone, travertine and onyx. (Granite, quartzite and serpentine do not etch from food acid therefore would not require COVAL Stone Coat).

COVAL Polished Surface Sealer MSDS
COVAL Polished Surface Sealer DATA SHEET

COVAL Quick Seal & Enhancer

COVAL Quick Seal & Enhancer is a fast-drying, water repellent sealer designed to enhance the surface and to protect stone, concrete & masonry surfaces from nature’s destructive forces, providing a long lasting barrier which exhibits superior resistance to water, mold, airborne dust and dirt, alkali, freeze/thaw damage and spills.

(You can also stain and seal in one step by adding our stain right into the sealer).

COVAL Quick Seal & Enhancer on the following surfaces:

  • New Concrete
  • Existing Concrete
  • Stone

COVAL Quick Seal & Enhancer MSDS
COVAL Quick Seal & Enhancer DATA SHEET