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Frustrated with the limitations and harmful effects of traditional sealers, we set out to find an eco-responsible sealer product that could outperform its environmentally unfriendly counterparts.

The result is our superior line of biodegradable, permanent sealers for both industrial and commercial sectors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver superior, innovative, and environmentally friendly sealers to the stone, concrete, masonry, facilities maintenance, and construction industries with world-class customer service.

SafeGuard Surfaces In The News - San Francisco Examiner

Futuristic Coating Could Repel Graffiti
SF Examiner graffiti article Park officials are testing a nanotechnology coating on open-space play structures that should create a molecular surface so smooth it deflects graffiti.

The translucent product is applied like paint, sprayed or brushed on, and was presented by Safeguard Surfaces to The City’s Graffiti Advisory Board on Thursday.

It adheres to the contours of any facade except silicon, then The City uses standard graffiti-removal chemicals to wash it off — but with minimal scrubbing so it doesn’t ruin the surface and it leaves no traces.
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